Fish Hatchery - Chilled water pumping recirculation system

A new customer came to us looking for a duplicate of an existing duty cycle dual pump control panel. They had recently began investing in their facility and wanted to expand their capabilities which required a further two pumps.

We located like for like components so that no further spares would need to be held on location. The panel was assembled using an ABB Gemini IP66 control panel with glazed and internal doors. 24 hour duty cycle was controlled via Omron timers. Automatic mode would allow the system to swap to the other pump in the event of a failure.

The ABB ACS310 inverters both controlled to a flow set point with feedback from a 4-20mA flow meter. Parameters, setpoint and status could be viewed via the advanced operator panels installed on the door.

Pumps were protected from running dry through a float switch shutdown circuit. Alarm, running and flow signals were made available to be included in the SCADA system.

The control panel was delivered at a cost saving over the original.

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