Collinson Silo - Feed weight delivery system

An existing customer came to us looking for a cost effective solution to accurately weigh the contents of his feed silo as it was delivered via the screw feeder mounted at the bottom of the silo. They had also experienced bridging of the product in the cone at the bottom of the silo.

The solutions was to design a panel that would control the screw feeder to a operator weight set point. The product could be weighed via the load cells on the silo or via the new bagging platform installed on location. As the screw feeder was running a newly installed silo vibration motor would activate, ensuring the product was ready to be conveyed.

Auto/Manual function switches on the front of the panel allow the vibrations and screw feeder motors to be run independently of the Applied Weighing International controller.

An emergency stop button pauses the cycle and stops the

feed and vibration motors. (PLa)

The requirement for easy installation and maintenance lead to 

motors and load cells connecting to the system via plug and socket.

Commissioning is as easy a small calibration procedure with your 

specific load cells and can be carried out in minutes.

At this particular location there was only 3 phase 400v available

with no neutral. Through the use of a 400v phase to phase 24vdc

power supply, we did not need to install any additional supplies at

the customer location.

Remote start/stop control station can also be added if required.

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