Dumfries and Galloway  Brewery - Bottling Machine repair and upgrade

We were recently approached by a local brewery that could no longer operate efficiently due to an ongoing issue with a beer bottle filling machine. The machine was no longer supported by the OEM manufacturer and the brewery was facing a large investment cost for a new machine.  During our first visit we managed resolve the reason for the failure and get the machine back into operation. Moving forward we recommended a course of action to prevent similar issues.

Further to the initial breakdown, we were made aware of a smaller machine that had been shelved due to a fault. This bottler contained an older Micro-1 PLC. This was faulty and there was no way to retrieve the original programme code. The machine is now in our workshop receiving a newly programmed Siemens LOGO PLC. We are also upgrading all the electrical wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic hoses. Once the machine is fully installed and commissioned the bottling capacity of the brewery will be increased by 50%. They will also have a backup machine in the event of downtime for maintenance or repair of the main bottler.

All of the above is being completed at a fraction of the cost of a new bottling machine.