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Control system design and manufacturing, Scotland

Scotia Automation is based in Dumfries and provides electrical control system services across Scotland and North England.  We provide system  support , design and control panel manufacturing to  agricultural and manufacturing sectors across the region. 


We all understand that control systems may suddenly and for no obvious reason start to cause problems just when your business needs it least.  Although not remote, the South West of Scotland isn't the most accessible from many of the major cities in the country when it comes to support services. Your business cant always wait for the OEM manufacture to schedule a service call back or book an appointment for repair. Scotia Automation can provide fast response support to get your facility back up and running and liaise with OEM manufactures to repair or replace faulty components or systems where required. 

If you have any issues that need addressing immediately we recommend you call our support line listed in the contact us section of this website. 

If you are a new customer to Scotia Automation then we will provide you with a free facility assessment. This allows us to survey the current condition or your system, provide advice, suggest improvements and gain the knowledge required to help you in the event of a breakdown. These assessments provide the vital health and safety,  and process knowledge of your facility required to ensure a fast return to normal operations in the event of a breakdown.

Control Panels

Control Panel Supplier

Control Panel Design & Manufacturing

Installation and Commissioning 

FAT and Onsite Acceptance testing


System Design & Programming

Control system functional design specifications

PLC and SCADA programming


On call support

Industrial Electrical Maintenance, diagnostic and repair support across Dumfries and Galloway and beyond.

At our workshop based in Catherinefield Industrial Estate, Dumfries, we design and manufacture control panels ranging from small start stop motor assemblies to large distributed control system panels.

By upgrading an existing contactor logic control panel with the latest micro automation modules, we can improve reliability and often integrate further safety/automation functions to your process.

Already have a design? No problem, we can provide a free no obligation quotation to build and deliver your panel using reliable components from major manufactures. As we own our workshop, our overhead costs remain low and we can pass these savings on to you.

Need a safety upgrade or want to add a function without the need to replace your current system? We can provide control panels that will integrate with your existing system, giving you the added space and functionality you require.

Get in touch now via our "Contact Us" page or email your enquiry to

Control Panel Manufacturing Workshop, Scotland

Pushing productivity and safety with technology

We believe no matter what industry you are involved in, the main goal is to lower costs and achieve greater productivity, all while maintaining a safe working environment. The latest control system technology allows you to automate your process or manufacturing plant to provide  an efficient and safe working environment . We have the experience required to design and provide a turnkey solution, whether you require a basic motor start stop panel or an automated control system.

Efficiency and safety are always the main goals when we design our systems. We understand that technology can cause as many problems as its solves and we design our systems to ensure maintenance is as easy as possible. Process hazard prevention is always at the forefront of our designs . We use BS EN 61439-2 equipment, methods and procedures to minimise the risk and ensure that you are protected.


Whilst Scotia Automation has the  experience to cover all aspects of projects, this does not come with the significant costs and overheads typically associated with a larger main contractor. By using Scotia Automation you will realise a cost saving without an impact on quality.

Scotia Automation has significant experience in the chemical, oil and gas industries. Through this, we are able to propose innovative solutions to further improve the delivery of projects to clients in the South West of Scotland and beyond.

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